2HIGH 4teh publicZ [Prod. SIRreal & ruffian]

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Center of attention
Bright lights, dark room
Floor falling out
Eyes eyes eyes eyes
And I’m still the bridegroom married to paranoia
But she’s a terrible mistress
A horrible temptress
Source of apprehension
She’s always haunting HAUNTING me
Finding my courage like I’m Easter hunting
Just please leave out the giant bunny
Hiding in the darkness always Frankin’ me
But frankly that’d be better than insanity
Cause I already got that
What’s that – hold that – COME BACK
Gather gather gather gather yourself
Carpet in the tress – past loves – parents
And what is life?
Gather gather GATHER
Too high too high
Words don’t make sense
Or was it my thoughts
Scattered in my head
And I just keep going up up up
I just want to come down
Can’t gather who I am
Can’t focus on one thing
My mind is boiling mush
And I’m no longer its master
Submit to insanity
Never-ending nervous LAUGHTER


Creeping creeping creeping up
Coating coating wait – fucked you up
Like a pool of blackness dipping in
Unclean rapture ripping in
Pulling your mind into obscurity
Existential impurity
Always talking but you’ve never heard - of me

I am you
I watch it all
Puzzled reality
Making sanity crawl
Stripped down
Ripped down
Unseen master
Clipped down
Kicked down
Unclean disaster
Waiting in the silence
A placid lake
Ripples building outward
Your last – mistake

Gibberish gibberish
Just reverberating echoes
Foreign ego genesis
The Hyde to your Jekyll
Parasitical blows
A mental barrage
Cacophony of woes
Contradictory – collage

Liiiiisten liiisten
As I whiiiisper
Liiisten liiisten
Mental bliiisters


from hightmares, released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


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