psYcho​-​OBJECTivit​(​EE) a​.​k​.​a. the more fUo cAUlt [Prod. ruffian]

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Got my mind speaking to me
But I’m trying not to answer
Insanity’s like my ex-girlfriend
Or some sort of cancer
Always just pricking my skin
But it’s not on the outside looking in
Its looking out - and things ain’t looking up
And it don’t speakah dah English
When I’m telling it to shut the fuck up
Got me looking for a revelation
Caught in condemnation
Cause I’m about to pull an assassination
Of myself watch it exit stage right
Cause my life got too much stage fright
Can’t seem to righten this ship
When I can’t even think right
You feel me dawg aight
Wait, no no no - no
Power overwhelming
But it’s all so underwhelming
So so so
So underwhelming
So underwhelming

Its non non-stop
Harsh like my dead uncle’s blank crotch
Got me skippin’ through blocks of ice like it’s Taipei
No no no way way
Cognition without recognition
I’d raise my hand
Say yes sir that’s my condition
Invite the crazy over for Thanksgiving
Cause hey it looks like were family now
Have some kids
Oh god I hope they’re not like me
But hey I hope to god that they like me
I’m in no condition to be a daddy though
But maybe that’s just a pie in the sky anyway
Or a cake out by the lake
Cause the choir’s always rising
And I seem to be always compromising
Clever ascension disguised like I’m demising
Catch me aimlessly just hanging with my posse
That’s me, myself, and some guy that looks just like me
Always telling me to calm down bro
Segue into the new beginning
Or maybe we’ll just have to row
Shackled to this sinking vessel
Eating the shrooms just to prove that I can grow


from hightmares, released May 23, 2015



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